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I have noticed this quite a few times that my chips are automatically reduced

NItiNIti Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
I win chips and I am back to the lobby I can't see that amount. Currently I was playing I had total of 8M I lost 2M and then in next had I won 8M and I stood up and went to lobby and I see total 8M


  • Portgas_D_AcePortgas_D_Ace Posts: 104Super Moderator mod

    Apologies for the inconvenience, NIti. Similar to real card rooms, Zynga Poker processes a small rake or fee when hands are completed. To know more about them, you may read this link. If you feel like what's missing is more than the said percentage, you may contact our Zynga Poker Support team with your Game ID. We appreciate your patience.

  • isakisak Posts: 6Registered User Loose Cannon

    Zinga plase can you help my i play on 100m table and after many yeras playing i win in whab hand more than 6b chips..i play then maybe 5 minutus i and i wos at fb.when i go in lobyy my hole more than 6 b are gone :( :( :( :( you can see that i get that chips by playinh on the table.In my best hand know i have that but all my cchipps are gone.spry for bad englihs...i cant bolive it more than 6b ??? plase can you help my

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