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What is your thoughts on players with millions in chips. Buying pots from low chip players?

dumbdudedumbdude Posts: 10Registered User Pumpkin

I chose a table that has 40 and 80k blinds. within minutes Players with millions and billions in chips. Join the table and start betting 10 million on pre flop! Or 25 million on the turn. when the other players combined total of chips are less than they are betting! They will bet 2 million or more every hand! So I leave and start playing on another table. Within minutes another deep pocket million plus chips joins and it begins again! It is messed up!

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  • dumbdudedumbdude Posts: 10Registered User Pumpkin

    What happened to playing for the challenge of competition and fairness among players? Takes away all meaning to the game and just makes it stupid!

  • celeeniaceleenia Not a Title, but a Star Posts: 47Registered User Building Expert

    seeing players who have millions, in 2 dollar tables, is too funny :D

  • Sam MawiSam Mawi Pumpkin Posts: 24Registered User Delightful Duckling

    this is the reverse of a lesser chip guys/gals playing on a higher table and start all in in hope of a miracle.

  • dumbdudedumbdude Posts: 10Registered User Pumpkin

    I think it is sucks! I join a table with 400k and 800k blinds only to have some jerk with a billion plus chips with a player level of 68,(obviously they must have bought them or are just plain super lucky) join the table and start raising the blind values in their favor by raising the bet pre-flop up to more chips than I even have! Therefore sweeping the blinds that other players have pretty much donated since the only choice now is to blindly go all in or wisely fold their hand! Also the chicken S#I+ play of betting a ridiculous amount of millions after the turn which now turns the hand mostly in favor of themselves seeing as no other player can afford to call this extreme amount of chips! I am sick and tired of having to fold a high ranked pair before the flop because the raise is so ridiculous that a real player with any sense has to fold what normally is a great start to a hand! It has become a daily event at every table! I have several players who will follow me from table to table! I even made up a word that describes them to a T for the stupid idiots they are! I call them Stupidiots! Which is a faster way of writing stupid idiots! A good bet pre-flop is commonly limited by players with real knowledge of Texas Holdem' is normally three times the big blind! The bingo players, which I tagged them as in Dec. 2010 when I joined the game, That bet all in every pre-flop ruin the nature of the game! I just fold every hand. I call the players that join my table with only a few chips and bet all in and win a hand then rudely leave the table wit a **** load of everyone's chips. Stack chasers, bottom feeders, Cat Fish or Carp, and of course Stupidiots. Any way these are my thoughts and opinions on these Stupidiots!

  • Sam CurtSam Curt Not a Title, but a Star Posts: 6Registered User Loose Cannon

    omgg I been playing for a long time on this app.. and all i do is complain and say something to other players about why are they in the low stake room and they have millions of chips.. i call them chip bullies also because they will bet such a huge pot someone with lesst chips will most like fold or get over taken by there chips.. and then u have the stupid bingo idiots i call them they come in and just bet all in.. but i learned a trick with those people be patienct they dont last long and its easy to get their chips then they leave. yes u have the ones that wins a pot and just leaves...
    you have to have a certain amount of chips to sit at a table i think it should also a limit on how many chips someone can bring at a low table expecially if you have millions and your in a 5/10 stakes

  • dumbdudedumbdude Posts: 10Registered User Pumpkin
  • FrauKlitFrauKlit Posts: 24Registered User Delightful Duckling
    They do this to increase their xp points to lvl up quicker. Not fair for those who play this game for fun. There should be a stack limit for every table. Once the limit is reached send the player to the lobby to cash out so to say

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