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Need admin to look into this wrongly banned

Big_HorseBig_Horse Posts: 2Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
edited December 2017 in Accounts Issue
What on earth?!? So I'm at my.cousins for christmas dinner right? And I just grinded 100k to 8mil

This guy plays a tournament and just leaves his account idle.. HOW DO YOU ALLOW THIS MECHANIC TO HAPPEN so its a 500k buy in, Long story short it takes an hour of him folding so you can imagine the trash talk of purr frustration.. ' reeeee ' I roared. Followed by a few " Suck my ****" calls.


You know you try do the right thing and this guy gets me banned

I did not break TOS and got banned for trying to login I got banned or suspended. Please don't tell me I violated TOS because you know thats not anything thats happened here. Something is wrong with Zynga poker and I would like to be reinstated because of the gigantic amount of hours and hands I've played to get banned by some folding c***? . Thank you.

Goodluck everyone hope all is well.


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