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Zynga Poker Continuous LAGGING!!!

kchongkchong Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

Zynga Poker is currently the best online texas hold'em site available at the moment. I constantly play on this site everyday. However I am truly getting frustrated with the CONTINUOUS LAGGING that occurs ALL THE TIME!!!!


This is not an issue of my computer or internet provider it is a SEVERE CONTINUOUS PROBLEM WITH YOUR SERVER.

If this problem is not addressed I will find another site to play Texas Hold'em on that is competent and reliable.


  • kchongkchong Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    Zynga Poker LAGS ALL THE TIME

  • JoshLangJoshLang Learning the Ropes Posts: 29Registered User Clueless Cookie

    KCHONG, Zynga doesn't care. They know very well that their Facebook poker feed has terrible interface problems, a result of massive tracking and adware apps that are continuous running. Just look at your status button on the left side of your menu bar -- it's constantly SPINNING, which means Zynga is dynamically loading down your system with total crapware, continuously. Zynga management thinks this is good business, but clearly they are headed for bankruptcy and couldn't care less if you play elsewhere. _That's why nobody bothered to respond to your post. _They are too busy coddling Wall Street bankers to care about their customers. A failing company in the last years of their life.

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