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Which Poker Hand Is Most Likely to Win?

Drumberry CheesecakeDrumberry Cheesecake Super ModeratorPosts: 405Super Moderator mod
edited April 2017 in Poll Event

Welcome to our 27th Poll Event, Aces! Cast in your votes and we'll grant you a Chip rewards! :wink:

Don't forget to send us your Zynga Account ID or UID on this LINK so we can give you the reward you deserve.

You can check the instructions on how to get your Zynga Account ID or UID here.

This poll event starts on Monday 2017-03-27 12:00PM (noon) PST and will end on Monday 2017-04-02 11:59PM (midnight) PST.

Which Poker Hand Is Most Likely to Win? 150 votes

A. 10♠ Q♣
LadianeJason497cassfungjoepolkPoonam KapoorShelah CochranJamil RobinsonSiobhan FitzgeraldMzRoss3ntinagaliatsatosstephenmyliedave88888margie bethZyncynBok Ja Sam MikiMarina AnastasiadiKashif ChaudheryPaul GregoryMandra KumbaraNatasha Statham 118 votes
B. 5♡ 3♡
4t9rsSems1Mike BaroneSam CurtLmatthew1982KESHAV786justjohnXhenimujoiljazivvujaRoeinspiredacetitortizahmedattiaischanerskiedengrave950922NoLuck_Chuckfloater640812634471Nong 22 votes
C. Q♡ J♣
Jeovanni ParalumanQi Jing Quayceleeniaftme13Diar990jerkovicSporgeanjezabicicharliefaul417Nati 10 votes
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