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Major problems with cheaters+

FairforeverFairforever Posts: 110Registered User Cloudylicious

Hello there. The majority of players at high tables (10/20M/40M/100M/500M) are teamers. Are new profiles with few hands ,they raise -reraise to make others fold.

i remember before years , admins shows to the tables and ban the cheaters . why noone join and do this now?

An alternative solution could be, create a zynga poker players team and give them admin rights so they can ban them... there are too many... its not 5-10 only.....


i disagree with 2 things at the game.

i dont appear at poker buddies rank. ( i can see only my buddies not me. i think its stupid when u have eg. 100M and second player has 50M and zynga says he is first)

i want to sit at any chair i want ( isnt a limit to see myself only at down and center ,always?)

make zynga appears like old times

can i take much votes so zynga see this and make the changes?

ty all and sorry for my english .



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