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Chips Deduction while playing

faisalmunirfaisalmunir Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
What is the percentage of deduction of chips by Zynga during the play at any table. If all options are off like:
not using Hand Meter and no donation is on.


  • BroomfieldBroomfield Posts: 4Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    Very high Fais., trying to find the figures and rules myself. I won 5million in a few hours the other night but my total chips actually went down by half a million. Sat with 4m, finished with 9m but my total went from 33m to half a mill less. How??????

  • TommyDrTommyDr Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    I have the same problem. I was testing it now. Went on the table with 3M. My stack was 43.3m. Leaving the table with 4.3m and my stack was now 43.1m. Why???

  • Kiflom KahsuKiflom Kahsu Not a Title, but a Star Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    I have the same question as everyone else so please have someone explain what's going on. Thanks so much
  • Bkmay2Bkmay2 Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    Got you all beat, went in with about 30 million, played a 10mil sit and go, came out with a NEGATIVE 6 million. Contacted customer support, not a word back. I can't even play until I get positive balance. Are some goons gonna come to my house and kneecap me cause I owe the house 6 million?

  • Emerald JadeEmerald Jade Super Moderator Posts: 705Super Moderator mod

    Hi Aces,

    Thank you for letting us know about this. You can read this article for more information. Have a good day.

  • hannelorehannelore Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    kann keine Chips mehr kaufen

  • bigladybiglady Posts: 6Registered User Loose Cannon
    They too 20
    Million from me and I didn't even play
  • ulpianoulpiano Posts: 2Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    same thing with my account. as i enter, my money has deduction?
    last time my money is about 63M+ then it goes down to 54M+.?
    How and Why?

  • King_YangDeeKing_YangDee Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    Same goes to me just this day.. I played in 200K/400K .. I buy in 4M only from 47M chips .. I won my 4M to 35M but i notice my chips only went to 56M.. I all in my chips of 35M and got defeated and I was shocked that my 47M to begin with went down to 23M.. wew HELP

  • TeuchterTeuchter Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    Getting fed up with this, I had £218 million and went to the 500,000/1,000,000 table with the lowest starting chips of 10,000,000. Left the table with £225,000,000ish but instead of having over £400,000,000 I have only £250,000,000 how on earth can that be? Win or lose at the table I started with £10 mill so if lose I should only be down £10 mill and if I win my Bank should go up by the amount I leave the table minus the £10 mill and fees. This is a con to make you buy chips, shocking,

  • ZiboZibo Posts: 4Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    The whole game is a fat scam, been playing for sometime and I've done an Analysis over two years, subtrating chips is rubbish as these are virtual chips, I. Mean seriously wtf... Bots are a huge Problem especially on the bigger tables. Winning hands get trumped by better one's, it's just insane. The alogorithm in this game is completely biased, randomely selects winner from onset and raising big pots encourages the alogorithm. Zynga if you reading please close my account completely, no more **** excuses from you guys, people doing Chip Transfers reported a Million times but nothing ever happens. Good luck for the future with this what could have been special app
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