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96 Hour Wait Issue.

LeeMoverLeeMover Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star
edited September 2016 in Bugs & Issues

Hi Zynga, I recently was buying chips, but I accidentally had 2 tabs of Texas HoldEm Poker on. Which caused this to make a 96 Hour Delay in my Chips. Also, I bought 237.6million chips for $34.61NZD. but it states 216million processing?. I want to clear this up and play asap. My account hasn't been hacked or anything. I have just had 2 tabs on accidentally, I do not know why this can cause a 96 hour delay..., I have already received a Receipt from Facebook that I have already paid.

Here is some screenshots....

Hopefully you can reply or solve this Zynga Service


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