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Which Poker Hand Is Most Likely to Win?

[Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 22 Delightful Duckling
edited October 2016 in Poll Event

Welcome to our 10th Weekly Poll Event, Aces! Cast in your votes and we'll grant you a Chip rewards! We'll also be giving away this badge to those players who have been participating since the 1st up to our 10th Poll Event! :wink:

Don't forget to send us your Zynga Account ID or UID on this LINK so we can give you the reward you deserve.

You can check the instructions on how to get your Zynga Account ID or UID here.

This poll event starts on Sunday 2016-09-19 12:00PM (noon) PST and will end on Sunday 2016-09-26 11:59PM (midnight) PST.

Which Poker Hand Is Most Likely to Win? 311 votes

A♢ 7♢
margie bethDannyPuckersRoyalKaneAdiscyRedashingSlaven69tanya30ozbertham7amad_asmar0502221102059pepe12345687jimmyfabericoMAYAdAMMAhoMDrake_hector 16 votes
Q♡ 4♠
Sems1Lmatthew1982mariaBwazMonika1994Taggen354405022211020593fznetLin3 9 votes
10♠ A♡
4t9rsejaiariffshaht_mrsicfeathersgacassfungjoepolkPoonam Kapoortuff1Mike BaroneAndreja EskiShelah CochranArmourtinJamil RobinsonJ Te RitoJohn PhilemSiobhan FitzgeraldMzRoss3ntinagaliatsatosMeMaw Marylan MillsteadGoran Šebalj 286 votes
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