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Chips are under-counted by Zynga

DhanushaDhanusha Posts: 4Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

I have noticed so many occasions that at higher tables the chip winnings are under-counted by Zynga! Just now I lost 0.6 million chips when the hand was actually a split! My chip count went down from 68.1 million to 67.5 million when the hand was a split! Zynga please return the chips that was under-counted. And I also did not get the collection item for getting into the silver club!


  • Emerald JadeEmerald Jade Super Moderator Posts: 705Super Moderator mod
    edited August 2016

    We appreciate your feedback, Dhanusha! I suggest to contact our Zynga Poker Support team to have your account checked further. Thank you!

  • DhanushaDhanusha Posts: 4Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    Thank you very much for the reply! I just did!

  • JuliaCartmelJesterJuliaCartmelJester Posts: 8Registered User Loose Cannon

    I only get 10% of my winnings. I can not proceed in my Tournament because of it. When i make a bet and everyone folds i don't get all of my bet back. Out of 78,000 chips won i got 20,000 of them. Zynga is stealing from us also. I have written to them now for over a month about this and they will not fix it. My meter doesn't work half the time they won't fix it. They don't care about this game or us players. So why should i. I will probably get banned for telling you this, the truth, but what the heck if i don't have any chips i don't care.If i win less than 10,000 chips i don't get any of them.I don't get chips from the wheel and i don't get chips that friends send me. So why play if all i'm doing is winning chips for someone else?

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