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Scam "Collections"

1218jmm1218jmm Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
edited July 2016 in General Discussion

So, in my Collections, I am missing a) The horse shoe in the Lucky Charms collection, b) the gold cup in the Bling collection and c) The multi-colored die in the Dice collection. This entire "Collections" area is a complete scam. I have been in touch with at least 100 other people (who have been members for years and years) and have reviewed at least another 100 members' collections on my own and NO ONE has been able to "collect" those same 3 items to complete ANY of their collections. It's all bullshit and everyone knows it. All we do is pass around the other 12 items back and forth, no one ever gets the any of the other 3 we need to make a complete collection so stop giving people false hope. This is a complete scam.


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