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yes big question and iam not happy at got to my poker table 1 million blinds and see my

Mark whuMark whu Not a Title, but a StarPosts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

i had 18 million in chips played at 1 m blinds.....i was sat there minding my own,,,i got dealt 99....other player re raises by 1 million....i go in the 3 million.....on the flop there 9 4 3 i think check your video.....then i called another 12 million....then as the player went to call it froze,,,,never happened before,,,so either a cheater ...iv'e never ever lagged before,,it's anew computer....when i came back,,i lost all the chips i bet.....yes iam annoyed,,,you used to have a thing that if the player lagged or what ever,,,he / she would count as all in,,,and they would not take any further part,,,but if they won,,they would get the chips they won,,,,,iam really **** off with this i should be sitting here with 40 million but instead i now have nothing,,,because of this damned freeze which happened about ten to 15 mins ago.....16.45 finnish time


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