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How To Crush Bingo Players.

Pokerplayer93Pokerplayer93 Not a Title, but a StarPosts: 3Registered User New to the Forums
This is very comprehensive analyzation Pokerplayer93!


  • Danield1Danield1 Loose Cannon Posts: 8Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    edited October 2015
    people says bingo is one of the easiest casino game. Every time I play I loose.
    Why this is so? Any particular tricks or strategies belongs to this game.
  • Christin300Christin300 Pumpkin Posts: 10Registered User Pumpkin
    edited February 2016
    According to me, bingo is neither easy nor hard. Its an intermediate level of game which can be easily wone only if you are confident about its tricks and strategies to win.
  • Chee Hoong ChngChee Hoong Chng Pumpkin Posts: 7Registered User Loose Cannon
    edited April 2016
    Nice guide, but I can say that neither will guarantee you can avoid from being sucked out. There are cases where aces cracked after sucked out by weaker/trash hands after calling preflop shove, it can even happened when playing against regular player. Example:

    There was a time I went to a casino in Singapore while on 1 week vacation, playing SG$5/10 table with $2 ante, I had bullets(AA) on BB with about 15BB+ante remaining. UTG raised to 2BB, all of them folded, the except OTB who 3-bet for another 5BB. Because I was short stacked, so I decided to shove my remaining stacks. UTG folded, and BB was making consideration and called and showed 99. Flop came out A78, which meant flop a top set. Everything went well for me as I had about 20:1 favorite. Turn card was a J, gave him a gutshot draw. Unfortunately he sucked out when the river card was a T, hitting the backdoor straight and aces got cracked.

    The best defense against bingo players right now is to avoid them, before he sucks out and you go tilt as the result.
  • Michele_ObamaMichele_Obama Posts: 3Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    I play only sit and go’s…

    The circular firing squad of the donkey’s is quite common on the first hand… 3... 4... 5 players all in…

    I’ll fold almost anything to avoid that train wreck… but immediately thereafter any good player should begin looking for their opportunity to shear the sheep with the big pile of chips…

    Easy Come… Easy Go…

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