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account merge possible

StrangeFateStrangeFate Not a Title, but a StarPosts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
edited September 2015 in News and Announcements
hey guys im just wondering if it is possible to merge a zynga poker app account with a zynga poker account that is used via facebook i also want to know is there a way to delete people from my zynga app as i have had random people add me and it seems to only allow me 4 friends on my zynga app and every time someone new tries to add me all i get is a friend request pending even when it says i have added them :/ im new to the zynga app but am loving it compared to having to continually use my facebook account if any of you have any advice/knowledge of how i may fix any of the issues i have spoken about please mail/message me the sooner i get answers the better

Hi StrangeFate. The only option to merge the Zynga Poker mobile app and in Zynga Poker Facebook is to Facebook Connect on the Zynga Poker mobile app. :)
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