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Update: Sit N Go Tournaments

Dantrag BaenreDantrag Baenre Super ModeratorPosts: 138Suspended User The Pesky Helper
edited August 2015 in News and Announcements
Dear Zynga Poker Players,

Thanks for your feedback on our recent changes to Sit N Go Tournaments. We’re listening and value your opinions.

Recently, we noticed your comments on the new payout structure. As a result, starting today, we’ve increased the 3rd round payout from 1x to 1.5x the buy-in. Now, finishers from 1st through 3rd are rewarded for their superior play.

Additionally, our Sit N Go improvements also include:
  • Decreased wait-times – Tournaments now fill 45% faster
  • Larger buy-ins – $50M and $100M buy-ins, offering the potential to win up to $400M chips
  • Perfect table selection – never end up at the wrong stakes

Thanks for playing and keep the feedback coming.

Good luck at the tables,

Zynga Poker Team
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