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Transfer the chips to another account

pa6o6itpa6o6it Not a Title, but a StarPosts: 2Registered User New to the Forums
edited July 2015 in Ask a Player
pa6o6it wrote: »
For personal reasons, I have to close my Facebook account.
My account within Zynga has over 180 million chips that I bought from you.
I want to move all my chips to my husband who also has a Facebook account and an account of Zynga.
Is it possible?
It is very important to me because of the money I paid for it and it is a shame that so many chips Will be lost

Hi pa6o6it. Much that we want to help you, transferring of chips is a violation to our Zynga Poker Rules and Restriction regardless if the separate account is under your name. Creating another account (multiple accounts) is also prohibited. You can check this link for more information. Have a good one.


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