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Actual cheating ? Anyone experience this ?

Luis WilliamsLuis Williams Loose CannonPosts: 7Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
edited July 2015 in Ask a Player
Go to any 10m/20m table (or higher) and see for yourself whether this game is a joke.


  • Joshua ProudJoshua Proud Loose Cannon Posts: 5Registered User Loose Cannon
    edited July 2015
    its a joke all right every time i try to reach 6 mil i cant ever seems to get over i start losing chips i lost over 3 mil in course of 8 hours today
    i have also notice the time frame about winning and losing hands
    i lost to alot of crappy hands if i have a pair 2 pair or straight for some reason a certain player just happens to have a higher card especially if they hold the most chips at the table
    then there is the all in catastrophe scheme literally playing blind and you lose
    then there is this if a player get to raise before you or go all in
    its like it triggers something and they win the pot just with the last card as it plays.....yea tried it today and won a pot with full house just before the last card i went all in and poof from 2 pair to full house
    and then there is also this once before if you and i had a pair from the table the pot would split now i see this if i have 3 8 and you 3 j you win the pot 3 pair all of a sudden the second card is playing a part very seldom do i see pots splitting
  • Joshua ProudJoshua Proud Loose Cannon Posts: 5Registered User Loose Cannon
    edited July 2015
    ooohh i forgot to mention all of a sudden i am seeing alot of full houses the entire week now ...hmmm
  • Mr.UncannyMr.Uncanny Lord of the Forums Posts: 775Suspended User Aged to Perfection
    edited July 2015
    I know there are lots of posts all over this forums about supposed cheating. Most of which after I read the descriptions sounds like the person 'cheated' just doesn't understand poker very much. I have been playing on Zynga now for just about a week, And I would like to submit the three following situations, see if anyone can explain them, or maybe can share their own experiences with similar:

    Example one: I started on zynga about a week ago. I found out about the league and learned that if i logged in on a pc through FB i could see the people in my group and our progress. For some reason my first group is a Silver II group, maybe thats where everyone starts ? Anyway I would check about once a day to see how I was doing in my group. I was #1 every time i checked, and not just number one but far and away number with 2x more winnings 2x more played hands and 2x more won hands than the next closest and way more than rest. So 5 hours before the week ends I get a notification saying I am now #2 in my group. It had been less than 10 hours since I had last checked so I thought it was odd and logged on to look again. now someone has passed my 165,000,000 winnings with 200+ billion winnings. that is explainable by them just having a large bankroll and playing nosebleed at the last minute.... but they also had double my hands played and won which means they would have had to play over 8000 hands in like 10 hours, which is clearly not possible. Anyway not a big deal as top 30 is all that counts as far as im aware.

    Example two: Playing a hand at 4m NL 3 people left we bet the flop and the short stacker is allin me and the remaining player both have over 1m on the table. The short stacker goes into bet protection. The hand completes as if all parties are allin, I win but without being able to bet the turn or river. Maybe not cheating, but i definitely felt cheated.

    Example three: I play many hours a day, poker is how i make my living, and burn off steam/take breaks/relieve the boredom of real money poker with play-money poker. I have noticed that from about noon to 5 or 6 am I tear it up, consistently doubling tripling or even sextupleting my stack over and over. Then a strange thing happens from 5 or 6 am to about noon. players show up that play the most improbable hands, almost everyone on the table has something playable if not a monster, but these players will have something mediocre at best, sometimes downright trash hands the hands come to a shove at least for the shortstackers and the player takes the win with their nothing hand. Now this kind of thing happens, I wrote a post about it here actually. But then, it happens again. Ok twice isn't unreasonable, just a really good run. Then again and again and again. I saw it happen 7 times in a row this morning on a 2m NL table. the player left with 22m it all took less than 10 minutes. Every table i went to this morning had a player doing this all the way from 80kNL to 8mNL. My theory is that Zynga runs some kind of reclamation in the off peak hours. It stands to reason that if they let people buy huge amounts of chips, that eventually the playerbase would be saturated with chips and not need to buy more so Zynga must reclaim them somehow.

    Anyway I am interested in hearing what other people think about these situations in particular. Please do not reply telling me that Zynga is a joke and etc etc etc... I'm not upset by any of this just wondering if anyone else has experienced any of it.
    Go to any 10m/20m table (or higher) and see for yourself whether this game is a joke.

    Hi Luis Williams. Thanks for sharing your observation to us. Ensuring an authentic poker experience is of the utmost importance to our team. That is why Zynga is using a certified RNG algorithm that guarantees that this sequence is random and thus, the outcome of the game is random and does not follow any pattern. For more information, you may refer on this article.

    Furthermore, probability and psychology are the key components to successfully winning any Texas Hold'em round. We suggest that you review hand probabilities pre and post flop to improve your personal play. It is also helpful that you read the cards in the table and study the playing pattern of your opponents when joining the able. Although a strong hand should theoretically win every round, it is never guaranteed. The recommendation we make to players is to ensure you have the best hand in every situation and pick the right battles to increase your chances of winning! There's also no shame in folding.

    Hope this will help you to continue winning in the tables. Have a great day ahead!
  • IainHamblyIainHambly Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    I find the same, I'm reasonably good at poker, but it seams that once I get to a certain amout of chips, I start lossing no matter how I try to play, thennthere is the guy playing absolute **** and winning on the river time and time again, something is definitely not right

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