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GUIDE: New Hi-Lo Mini Game

chrystalynchrystalyn Super ModeratorPosts: 425Super Moderator mod
edited December 2014 in Guides & Poker Strategy
Hello Poker Sharks & Sharkettes!

This week we released a brand new spin on our beloved ‘Hi-Lo Mini Game’, and we feel that the feature is smoother, cleaner, and more enjoyable for you guys than ever before. On top of that, it’s another opportunity for you guys to earn yourself some free chips every day! Who can say no to that, right?

To access the new mini game, go ahead and join a standard table first to get started. You don’t have to sit at the table quite yet. Instead, go ahead and scroll down to the new ‘Hi-Lo’ box down in the bottom left corner of your screen as shown in the screenshot below.

poker hi-lo game.jpg

See where I have that red circle drawn out? Go ahead and click there to maximize your Hi-Lo window into view. Your Hi-Lo box will now look something like this:


Select a poker friend you want to play with using the blue left and right arrows at the bottom. Once a suitable opponent is found, your move can begin. The game will display a card for you on the left side. Your goal is to guess whether or not you think the next card drawn is going to be higher or lower than that card. Click the yellow up arrow for higher, and the down arrow for lower. Since this step started us off with an Ace, the next card is obviously going to be lower. Let’**** that down arrow.


Looks like we were right! A correct guess on the first step earns you 50 chips. Another card will be displayed, and it’s up to you to see how long you can keep your streak going. Once you make a wrong guess, the game will end, and your friend will get a chance to respond to your challenge. If you want to keep playing, simply choose another friend using the blue arrows at the bottom and start again! You can play with each friend once per day.

Each game has a maximum of 20 steps, and the rewards increase with each tier allowing you to earn a maximum of $10,000 chips per game!

Here’s a breakdown of the steps and corresponding chip rewards:
Step 1 - 50
Step 2 - 100
Step 3 - 200
Step 4 - 300
Step 5 - 400
Step 6 - 500
Step 7 - 600
Step 8 - 700
Step 9 - 800
Step 10 - 1000
Step 11 - 1500
Step 12 - 2000
Step 13 - 2500
Step 14 - 3000
Step 15 - 3500
Step 16 - 4000
Step 17 - 5000
Step 18 - 6000
Step 19 - 8000
Step 20 - 10000

Play daily to ensure that you earn as many chips as you can!

Is the card higher? Lower? YOU decide!

Have fun, and good luck!
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