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GUIDE: Poker Genius

chrystalynchrystalyn Super ModeratorPosts: 425Super Moderator mod
edited December 2014 in Guides & Poker Strategy
Hello Poker Sharks & Sharkettes!

Want to play the Zynga Poker Genius?

Poker Genius...
  • Gives newcomers to Zynga Poker a chance to learn some of the various rules and situations found in No Limit Texas Hold'em Poker
  • Gives Poker veterans a chance to test their knowledge
  • Gives everybody an opportunity to earn themselves more free chips daily!
You can access this feature by using the drop down menu in the upper right of your screen:

(click the 'graduation hat' icon)

When the game starts, you'll get an option to choose between three different sets of hole cards (hole cards are the initial two cards dealt to you in Texas Hold'em). At this time, you'll want to choose A, B, or C to decide which set of hole cards has the best statistical chance of winning. Here's what you will see when the game waits for you to make your first choice:


After making a selection, the game will immediately tell you whether you were right or wrong, along with displaying the percentage of how likely that particular set of hole cards is to win in this pre-flop state (pre-flop means the stage of the game before any of the shared community cards are dealt). While watching the animations, you'll be credited free chips as well as see a written explanation from the Zynga Poker team explaining why the particular winning selection is most favorable in this stage of the game.

The game will automatically proceed to deal out the flop (the first set of three community cards), and you'll get another chance to choose between the same three sets of hole cards. Keep in mind that depending on what cards you see on the flop, the set of hole cards most likely to win may change.


Repeat the same process for the turn (4th community card) and river (5th community card), while you rack in more free chips for every correct answer.


After guessing the final hand of the round, the game will reset allowing you to play out three entirely different scenarios each day. Get all answers correct throughout all three scenarios and earn yourself a maximum of 12,000 chips per day!


Now get out there and show us your Poker knowledge! Make sure that you have your 'Share Answers' box checked on the Poker Genius interface (as shown in some of the screenshots above) so that you can prove to your friends that you're truly a Poker Genius!

Have fun!
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