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GUIDE: Remind your friends to play and you could win up to 10 Million Chips!

chrystalynchrystalyn Super ModeratorPosts: 425Super Moderator mod
edited December 2014 in Guides & Poker Strategy
Hey, did you know that if you get your friends to play Zynga Poker, you could win up to $10 million chips!

Here's what you need to do.

On the second time you enter the game for the day, you will see this pop up:

poker- inviting friends.jpg

Send your friends a request to get them to play with you!

They have to enter the game via your request!

Check back the next day. On your second game entry, you'll see the same pop up. If you friends entered via your request, you'll see the meter on top change to a yellow fill-in color.

Once 3 of your friends accept your request to play Zynga Poker, you will get a chip reward. The reward varies with a maximum possibility of $10 million chips!

Go play now!
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