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Zynga Poker VIP Status

Scott BaronScott Baron Captain ObviousPosts: 42Registered User Grasshopper
edited January 2015 in General Discussion
I received a notification about being made a Zynga Poker VIP last night. I remember a few years ago that VIP status cost $1M of your chips.

I'm wondering if it actually is given out at random or if there is some sort of trigger for it in playing history.

I don't know if I'll actually ever get to the Black Club because I don't have a roll to comfortably play the tables at $1M BB, and winning 782 more hands at $40K BB just seems like an improbable feat to me. I can't imagine how many hands the Red Club will require. If you go by the numbers required for the other clubs, it can be estimated that the Red Club would require 40,500 points or 4,050 hands. Oy vey! This is going to take a while.

Is Zynga rolling it out regularly now and do they plan to keep it this time around?

VIP offers nothing but a chair. Silver, Gold, Red, Black

If I ever see a Red, I will be seeing someone with no life. I figured 10 hours a day, every day, at 5 seat tables, for a month at 40K BB. Halve it at 1 M, 5 seat tables. Other than cheating, I can't see anyone getting black. To back up, at this point there is no point to the VIP. It was 1 M which was then changed to 10 M to get VIP access which meant VIP tables. There are no VIP perks that I see so try to get silver and be done with it. It is a different game, 5 seat and 9 seat. Adjust accordingly. Hand strength is less and bluffing is a lot more doable at 5 seat. GL



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