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Level 271

gaylekgaylek Posts: 7Registered User Loose Cannon

I am really stuck on Level 271. I have had ones in a row, but they just go down, not across, so all I get is points. How the heck do I get rid of all of the stones and dirt in the middle? I have managed to get some of the stones removed but can't seem to get rid of the dirt in the middle. Any help, please?


  • akdrmrakdrmr Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    I am stuck here, too. Never been so frustrated. As far as I can tell, the best thing is to stack up several boxes and barrels, as well as any glowing fruit, then let them go at once. The closest I’ve gotten is one dirt left, but I won’t pay for power ups and I’d used them in previous tries. That was yesterday. Tried five more times today. There really should be a tutorial!

  • w0rd_midasw0rd_midas Posts: 7Registered User, Super Moderator mod

    Hi @gaylek and @akdrmr. The best way to remove the stones and dirt is to create a combo that gives one of the Crops the "Sunbeam Super Ability". To know more, refer to this help article for details. We know you got this. Good luck!

  • NoahH91313NoahH91313 Posts: 2Registered User Not a Title, but a Star

    Level 274 really sucks too...had the game team move me on from I'm stuck again...

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