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harvest swap not working

angelaangela Posts: 9Registered User Loose Cannon

angelaangela Posts: 3Registered
10:58AM in Known Issues
ok @ZyngaAdmin its been about 6 months or more now that harvest swap has had issues why dont you just be UPFRONT AND HONEST AND LET GAME PLAYER KNOW THAT YOU HAVE NO INTENSIONS OF FIXING THIS PROBLEM AND THAT YOUR REPAIR PEOPLE ARE EITHER IMCOMPETANT OR FOLLOWING ORDERS NOT TO ATTEMPT TOO FIX...ido play on both my laptop and mobile but on mobile i have lost all the power ups i had on laptop google chrome PLEASE BE HONEST TO PLAYERS AND LET US MAKE UP OUR MINDS WHETHER TO DELETE ALL ZYNGA GAMES WHO HAVE NO INTEREST IN THE PLAYERS WHAT SO EVER........!!!!!!!!!


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