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Apple Virus Pop up

Gemini5xGemini5x Posts: 1Registered User New to the Forums

Through a Google search, I found the "Apple Virus Pop up" Words with Friends Zynga discussion from August 2017. After I posted the below message, I realized there is a separate discussion area for Word Streak. I've not been able to find anything in the Word Steak forums regarding this FALSE virus alert.

Yesterday, after joining a Word Streak tournament and it taking a noticeably long time to load players, the "Apple Security" notice popped up, covering the screen. It said, "(6) virus detected on your iphone" and the text stated that a trojan was on my phone. I didn't take a screen shot or write down the full message, but I did note the ip address given in the message: I quit the app and will not be opening it again until I find some positive online info that this has been successfully addressed.

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