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Word Streak with Friends

hmtrip83hmtrip83 Registered User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star

I was so happy when I got the email that stated that you fixed my game, reset my account or whatever and told me I now have my 15 tokens back and all should be fixed. I emailed my thank you back before I went to check. When I got back into my Word Streak with Friends game, all of the current games I had going were gone. I guess that happened with the reset. I can deal with that, but the issue was still the same. After clicking on the OK once I got the notice that my game had been "fixed" and the game restarted.....I was still looking at 10 tokens and not 15 like you said, so it's not fixed an on top of that I lost all my current games. BUMMER! Are you certain that Zynga isn't just being stingy with the tokens and now only allows me to build up 10 in hopes that I will break down and buy them? If that is the case, I will stop playing.

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