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Tickets Lost From Server Failing

Donohue235Donohue235 Posts: 1Registered User New to the Forums
edited March 6 in Known Issues

Good morning.

I've never taken time to mess with this, but over the years while playing Word Streak with Friends (paid edition), I have lost many, many tickets due to losing connection with the server. For example, yesterday I was playing the 20-Ticket Entry tournament and won my first and second rounds, but when the game finally advanced to the last round, it showed that I had 0 points so the other player won the round. That cost 20 tickets plus the tickets for power boosts each round plus the 100 tickets I potentially could have won had I won the final round.

This happens A LOT. I've lost hundreds of tickets over the years (been a loyal player since April 14, 2010). It's incredibly frustrating.

I understand that server connections can glitch, etc., but it's still frustrating to lose progress. What can I do to get tickets back on these occasions?

Thanks for your time.

Joe Donohue