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chess with friends, no record for game.

tedted Posts: 1Registered User New to the Forums

Was just about to finish a game with someone. They were about to lose, had little to no chance of winning. They moved their rook in place to prevent my **** from getting to their end of the board and becoming a queen, it was my move and all of the sudden the i got the message that i declined their game request. The game had disappeared from my list of active games, and when i tried to send a rematch request to the other user, i had the notice that they have too many active games open to start another one.

I have no record of this game ever happening, no resign, win, loss, draw record whatsoever. What happened?


  • AchradinaAchradina Super Moderator Posts: 29Super Moderator, Administrator admin

    Corrupted games can be the cause of this. You will need help from our Player Support team. They'll be able to check your profile and make proper adjustments if necessary. From your settings menu, click on help and you'll see a page, hit on "Contact Us" button to create a ticket. :)

  • studwithswagstudwithswag Posts: 1Registered User Not a Title, but a Star
    edited August 10

    I am experiencing this exact same issue with only one player. In fact, I grew curious because it happened multiple times. At this point, I believe the player was using some type of game exploit, and is cheating. We have played 4 games so far. The first I lost via checkmate. The second, I was clearly winning using a defense he could not overcome and then all of a sudden, one day the game ends and I receive a message exactly as the first poster described. That I declined the game request, except the game showed in my list of games but it was as if we never played as all the pieces were lined up with no moves yet.Third game, ends in a draw, however I am given no credit for this. We try again and just this morning, around 9:30am or so, I receive another message that this game we are in the midst of playing, well into the game 50+ moves, it disappears and says I declined the game.

    What is going on!?!?!?!

    The name of the player this keeps happening with is Chessdoom. I was told by this player yesterday that he is the writer for Fritz, which I believe is a stockfish chess engine, so he obviously knows how to manipulate code.

    Please look into this. I followed the instructions using the Help feature, but it is severely limiting and does not address the actual problem myself and the OP are having.

  • AchradinaAchradina Super Moderator Posts: 29Super Moderator, Administrator admin

    Use the Account Management Tool to report suspicious players. It's a good thing that you can identify him/her. :smile:

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