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How do I resign games?

Princess in PinkPrincess in Pink Super ModeratorPosts: 15Super Moderator mod
edited June 2015 in Updates and Announcements
Hello Wordies!

What happens if you don't want to play anymore with one of your friends?

Do not worry, you can resign a game whenever you want from any game you have already started.

To resign a game that you are currently playing, it must be your turn (the game will appear in the "Your Move" section in your games list).

Open the game that you wish to resign and press the "Resign" button.

1. Go on your game you want to resign.

2. From the "Game Score" screen. Just click on the resign button.


3. Finally, just confirm by pressing "Resign".


If it is not currently your turn, then you will not be able to resign the game until it is your turn again. If your opponent does not make a move soon, then the game will be automatically resigned for you.

The auto-resign times are as follow:
• Random opponent games - 5 days
• Non-random opponent games - 11 days

Games that are inactive past these time limits will be auto-resigned by the game server. For Random opponent games, auto-resignation will occur on the 6th day following the last game action. For Non-random opponent games, auto-resignation will occur on the 12th day following the last game action.

Have a great game!
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