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How do I use Power-Ups?

Princess in PinkPrincess in Pink Super ModeratorPosts: 15Super Moderator mod
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Hello Wordies!

As a little help, before you start a game, you will be able to select Power-ups. These Power-ups will give you a little hand in your game, helping you to get more points than your friends.

There are SIX types of Power-Ups: Freeze, Inspiration, Spin, Vision, Mega Freeze, and Mega Inspire.

Power-Ups are a must to be used strategically. Each round, one power-up is available for free, and you are able to add other for the cost additional tokens.

Some of the Power-Ups that you can use are:

Freeze stops the clock. Sometimes you just need a moment to chill!
Inspiration highlights a word you haven't found yet (3 uses).
Spin shakes up the board. It helps to get a new perspective on things (3 uses).
Vision presents you with an assortment of unfound words. Just look into the crystal ball!
Mega Freeze gives you 60 seconds of extra play time per round.
Mega Inspire guides to to 8 of the BEST words that you haven't found yet.

[IMG] Ups1.png[/IMG]

How to use Power-Ups:
1. Start a new or continue an existing game with a friend
2. Tap "Play"
3. The first Power-Up you choose it free
4. For additional tokens, you can pick up to two more Power-Ups per round

Use Power-Ups during the game by touching the icons found below the board. Inspiration can be used three times. Players are now allowed to use 3 Power-Ups per round. The first Power-up is free, the second costs 1 token, and the third costs 3 tokens!

[IMG] Ups2.png[/IMG]

Have a great game!
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