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The Holiday Spectacular

LexaTheKatsumiBabyLexaTheKatsumiBaby Posts: 354Community Moderator Community Moderator

Holly and Jingles bring Mrs. Claus to the island in a sleigh. They were accompanying Santa on his annual present run, but Mrs. Claus wouldn’t stop bickering with Santa because he drives like a maniac. For the sake of kids across the world, Mrs. Claus is stopping by for a quick tropical vacation here while Santa finishes delivering presents on his own.

Mrs. Claus can’t sit still without spreading holiday cheer everywhere she goes, so she offers to produce a big Christmas show for all your guests. It’ll be marvelous! Other islands will be clamoring to buy tickets too.

You must be at least Level 9 to earn tickets in helping Mrs. Claus’ show become a full house and a promising success.

You can start the event by tapping the Ice Castle near the beach.

The Ice Castle is going to be the center point of the items you need to gather and the stages you need to complete. Trade your items for Ticket Stubs and collect as much as you can to rule the leaderboard.

An elf and a reindeer will be your guides in gathering items from Mrs. Claus’ Sleigh so that you can produce items that can be traded for Ticket Stubs.

You will compete with other islands in the number of Ticket Stubs collected to become the most dedicated supporter of Mrs. Claus’ hearty cause! Aim for the high ranks for exceptional prizes.

Having the Gold rank will bring you a harvestable Christmas Tree bountiful of presents, and a diligent guide, Holly the Elf.

Use a Bonus to collect more Ticket Stubs when you turn in your supplies.

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