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akkamaddi · Forum Detective · Forum Meister

I'm sorry, but I'm actually not in the Tips & Tricks group. (I didn't know that existed.) I was starting a "Random Tips and Tricks" pinned post in my own co-op's group. I'm sorry for the confusion.


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  • Re: Temporary Feeds [DECEMBER 2017]

  • Re: What weird thing happened on your farm today? [2017]

    I just got the Ranger Jane Observation Tower (from 2016).

    Ranger Jane didn't...

    ... age well....

  • Re: Suggestions to Improve Farmville 2

    @Nevada said:
    The second thing that I wish they would fix is all the signage they put on the playing screen. Why can't we click them off when we already know what is up to work off. Every time I try to scroll across my screen, I inevitably hit one of their signs and open up a quest box. It's annoying.

    I get angry about this on a daily basis. The game crowding is becoming the new violent vomiting of pop-ups. The playable space is becoming smaller and smaller.

    Zynga seems to not have a good grasp of a clean user interface. There are decisions made that seem to be done to antagonize the player. The current issue would be easily remedied by converting the large auto-clicked icons to small tabs on the edge.

    There was a "Big! New! Feature! a while back that was the Signboard. (I think that was the name; I never got it, and it got roasted.) If you clicked the Signboard, you saw a list of all active quests, and could click on one to be taken to the quest. The problem is, the signboard was another thing on the roadside, and it would automatically take you to other things on the roadside. It was designed for people who were confused by having five event stalls in a row.

    Now, the Signboard had a chance to be an absolutely brilliant addition, and with a small change I would love for Zynga to make it a universal roll out.

    Make all non-critical notifications go to the Signboard.

    Put the signboard in a central place near the front of your farm. Clear all the quest **** off the play screen, and put it in a scrolling menu on the signboard. When the game would normally start vomiting pop-ups about how I harvested a really big ginger root or I have finished another stage of a quest or yet another white chicken is prized or my f'ing purple cow has farted again, make the Signboard glow.

    Zynga could even code it:
    One new notification: Glow.
    Two new notifications: Glow + Sparkle.
    Three new notifications OR a quest stage complete: Large Glow + Large Sparkle.

    I could see Zynga keeping the current sale nitrification on the screen because that is income, and that is fair. The rest, however, should go. I don't need to accidentally open the ROB daily if I am skipping this week, and the Puppy Theatre was even more common. This would clear a lot of play space that was carved out of the player's view.

    Further, it would be less resources on the play screen that would make conversion to HTML5 easier.

  • new LE animals in shop?

    There is suddenly a rush of new (I assume LE) animals in the shop, including two reindeer (and several swans).

    Zynga, if you let us buy the baby animals, you will probably get more sales.

  • Re: Sunday Poll - When flash is discontinued in 2 years ...

    convert FV2.

    I would rather not start a new game, so I think I would only start FV3 if FV2 somehow carries over.

    Personally, I think that if Zynga can convert FV2 to HTML5, and change some of the larger resources (co-op stand, ROB, house, foraging/diving/cave, and perhaps even the prize animal barn) to menu options, it would run much better and even be able to run on tablets in 2-3 years. Making FV2 tablet friendly would reinvigorate their classic money stream.