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  • All quests or missions outside of the Tuesday build/quest are NOT released to all at same time. It may be a slow rollout release or you may never get it no matter the level you are at if at level for it doesn't guarantee you getting item. So j…
  • Uninstall the launcher and clear cache and see if it will load The launcher is creating a lot of issues with game if you have it.
  • years ago doesn't transfer to now as probably a glitch even back then with storing it but now you have to contact support to have duplicate buildings removed It was posted to contact a moderator by PM but the moderators have all changed so who kn…
  • Are you trying to purchase on FB or on Zynga side.
  • I for one don't want 2000 or more friends that play. A nice couple hundred or 100 is enough for me. Yes I like to help but don't want everyone in the world. But yes like enough to play the game. I know it was hard starting out when first joined F…
  • I wish could clear my ask list as many I do not know who are and ones as mentioned played other games with years ago. But they are not part of neighbor bar.
  • Not every issue has a fix or will see a fix. If you get a response back at all. May get an automated response saying thanks for your concern on issue we will take a look and be back soon but if even respond more so do not look for one immediately as…
  • Zynga is only one who can remove the people from your list now if at all You will have to give them all the names, and be sure they are no longer playing. I know on my list I have a lot that I played games with years ago but just stuck because Z …
  • Refresh/clear cache And see if in there if you are sure they are old ones. Otherwise will have to contact support
  • Zynga does not SNAP their fingers and say your issue is fixed or Twitch their nose or fold their arms and blink to make it happen. Your issue could take time and lots of it or more The Riverside board just X out of it. The board itself won't g…
  • You would probably have to have a link for your item/wall post item to post in a group Perhaps try the Temporary Feed thread under the Neighbor/CoOps/Temporary Feed area of Forum. You will see links for FB side you can click on perhaps and lea…
  • If your game is not loading you need to look at your computer aspects, and troubleshoot everything you can think of at your end to get to load Do you have enough RAM Do you have launcher if so uninstall and clear cache and see if works
    in Helder Comment by WitchieWiz4023 June 26
  • on Facebook if playing there hit the invite button and if you see the friend or such you want to be a neighbor send them an invite. If they accept great maybe after a few days will be set on neighbor bar.
  • Launcher may be affecting things even some residue if uninstalled it might be affecting things. Whether something with browser can do a work around or such. If did basics of clearing cache/and such too. I am having no issues but I uninstall…
  • Yeah saw the one post but newbies will find a thread related to their topic and post that is why it is confusing and more. Not sure if too they might be referring to the quest that came out earlier on Tuesday now that I see their post and the tal…
  • If you hit somewhere in the game while playing it will pop up and you have to click 3 times or 4 to get to window to close it out I uninstalled it a bit back. So either even more flawed or something now. And Zynga if they even care.
  • I would delete people at one time but there would be one could not remove. Z has messed with neighbor area with other games and took away our ways of adding or removing people.ourselves. Probably will be something that stays with the issue till game…
  • Most likely something with launcher if you are playing with it
  • What quest are you doing.
  • I don't look at everyone as a cheater. Yes you can make good points if you know the way to do it properly. But as said I don't play the fair as a competition. I don't buy shovels. I use them up when get them. I don't look to get ahead. I don't ev…