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  • Appreciate you all Farmers for reporting, doing some workarounds, and sending tickets to our Support team. This is a known issue that the team is currently working on. I recommend checking this article periodically for updates. Thank you for your pa…
  • Appreciate you for replying back, @konamouse & @LadyMistery. I'm glad to inform you all that this issue has been fixed. You may see your missing Water Certificates once again in your Inventory. Please check it out and have a good day!
  • @LadyMistery said: anyone else having this issue? I know to keep the farm open for a few minutes to ensure it - but it's not saving. My farm reverts to 10 minutes ago...it's frustrating! I've lost a water certificate and a fertilize all certifica…
  • Welcome to the FarmVille 2 Forums, @vickifroulston! Appreciate you reported your concerns being unable to post and to open the envelope. I suggest clicking the globe icon on the upper right part of the game (refer to the image below) and select a di…
  • Appreciate your report regarding your missing Favors from the side quest and completion of orders, @mlafitte. You may need to contact our Support team to have your game investigated further. Thanks.
    in Favors‼ Comment by RonWheatley June 6
  • Howdy, @angie! For you to harvest Mud Wallow, you must have at least four existing adult pigs. Also, make sure that you have at least one pig out on your Farm (not in a Barn) to complete the animation and for this to work properly. Let me know how i…
    in mud wallow Comment by RonWheatley May 21
  • I appreciate all of your reports here, Farmers. The team is still working on a fix into this concern. Please periodically check this Hot Topics section of our Support site for any updates related to it. Thank you for your patience.
  • Thanks for reporting your missing Music Shoppe workstations, @NJLizS and @ellen. Also, thanks for helping out, @WitchieWiz4023. The team is aware and looking into it already. Please always check your Farms and the Hot Topics section of our Support s…
  • Appreciate all of your sentiments regarding the high amount of required Stall Tokens to complete the Music Shoppe event, Farmers. These are noted and will be relayed to the team for future references. Thanks!
  • Good news, Farmers! The team has already fixed this issue. Please try these troubleshooting steps and you will no longer see the Music Shoppe, but for those who had started playing the feature and reached the Giant Reed crop task, the task will be a…
  • Apologies for the inconvenience caused, Farmers. The team is aware of this and already working on a fix. In the meantime, please visit our Hot Topics section periodically for the latest updates. Appreciate your patience.
  • Appreciate you reporting this, @moosiemuse. @WitchieWiz4023 is probably right about the concern's main cause. I recommend trying our troubleshooting steps in this link for you to be able to click the Barn again. Thank you for your patience. Also,…
  • Apologies for the inconvenience caused, Farmers. Rest assured that the team is already working on a fix. We'll keep you posted regarding this. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.
  • Your feedback are all appreciated and will be forwarded to the team @Nina_Purpleton and @Susy Elizabeth. Thanks!
  • Appreciate your efforts on bringing this to our concern, Farmers. We will let the team know about this display issue. Please keep on checking the Hot Topics section of our Support site for updates. Also, appreciate your help to provide temporary res…
  • Hi, @PattiiS. Facebook Farm Delivery is a #FarmVille2CountryEscape feature. For your concern to be addressed properly, I would like you to post in this specific Forum instead. Thank you.
    in Truck Comment by RonWheatley March 27
  • Your suggestions will be forwarded to the team for future references, Farmers. And, thank you for sharing your ideas to help @Nana442!
  • Appreciate all your sentiments, Farmers. These will be told to the team for future preference. Thank you for your patience and support.
  • Howdy, Bill! In addition to what @iguanamiaman said for the Mud Wallow to work, you need to have at least four adult Pigs on your Farm. Happy pig-tending! Also, thank you for helping out, @iguanamiaman!
  • Thank you for bringing this up to our concern, @marcus227. Rest assured that this will be forwarded to the team for checking.