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  • I clicked on this for you. I got a scythe - not a toolkit. @IanC4881 said: Does posting for Toolkits work? No clicks! https://zyngagames.com/play/farmville-two/viral.php?viralId=4242ffb882dc1cd138004ccf2bc8be9b_74528195062&src=…
  • I just tried horse mango, same amount of fair points as the crape myrtle. There are pros and cons--- crape myrtle uses 4 water per grove vs. 8 water for the horse mango. However, the horse mango offers much better XP points. I've been growing cra…
  • When you harvest a grove, sometimes you get 1 prized item and other times you might get more than 1. Your fair points are multiplied by that number. When I harvest my crape myrtle grove and only get 1 flower, I get 100 points... if I get 3 prized f…
  • To my zFriends- I have Play Essentials on my profile feed. If you need some, please visit me at https://zyngagames.com/profile/36093358117 Thanks!
  • Purple ground cherries - during double time w/ gold shovel - 172 fair points per prized crop. ETA: Baby ginger seed packet is still the best fair points crop available, (at my level/355 anyway)... but I haven't purchased it recently. My farm bu…
  • The Byer's WCM is an 18 hour tree and an heirloom grove takes just 4 water. During double time, with gold shovel in place, each prized flower is 100 fair points. Re-water right away to get another harvest before the double time expires. Same points…
  • Hi Gina, welcome back to the game! Heirloom Byer's white crape myrtle trees will give you the highest fair points. That's why I have a whole hedge of them If you're able to breed horses and cows, you will get decent fair points for raising level …
  • Not quite right. I pasted your gamer ID number into the zyngagames website... is this you?https://zyngagames.com/profile/36823217900 @deathrockdaisy said: https://zyngaplayerforums.com/farmville2/profile/deathrockdaisy Zynga : 36823…
  • The shared orders feature is totally messed up... in more ways than one.
  • You need to post your FV2 game ID. The link you posted here is your zynga forum profile. @deathrockdaisy said: An old and avid player returns to find everything gone. Please add, help needed. https://zyngaplayerforums.com/farmville2/pro…
  • Ours too. Very annoying.
  • I don't have the songbirds at all, so didn't know the way they operated. Good luck trying to figure it out.
  • Do you possibly have a farm animal that does it automatically for you? A songbird, cat or something? Strange!
  • I came in 6th. Got a baby lemon frizzle chicken, and booted back down to the national fair. I'm happy!
  • Can you place flags in the market again, please! I would like to fly my countries flag at special times of the year. 🇺🇸 Thank you for your consideration.
  • I would like the shared orders to re-set at the same exact time the new co-op week starts... OR use a "complete one, replace one" system. The way it is set up now is horrible.
  • I keep high XP and unmastered animals in my PAB. I trigger it by pulling out a few and putting them into storage, then put them back in one at a time. Like you stated, it's a huge help when working on leveling up. > @WClark304 said: @Chr…
  • What a great idea... complete and replace. I second this!! Moderator, please pass along this request to the design team. Thank you!
  • If your farm doesn't bloom, do not click on anything within your game (full screen/regular screen ok to click) and refresh (might take 2-3 refreshes) - I have gotten the bloom to activate upon re-loading by doing the above.
  • Another thing I noticed is that it doesn't tell you which animal you prized, just that you did and got fair points for it. Without knowing what it is, I can't send it off the the pasture right away, in case it's not a blue ribbon animal and needs t…