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  • Kiki1401
    Hey.wie kann ich mein altes Farm ville spiel von einer alten iCloud auf die neue Laden? Danke
    October 21
  • fastdog0513

    How do I file a support ticket? Every time I click on FV neighbors tab to send requests the box pops up asking if it's ok to send to so ans so and then the box starts to flicker, elongate get narrower and finally is two vertical lines up and down the screen and locking the game, in other words The send requests ain't working at all.

    October 15
  • HarryFarmer earned the 100 Likes badge.
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    October 11
  • Rosanne Mantello

    Good morning,
    Some one suggested asking a moderator for help. I have not had a Tuesday quest nor a quest in 5 weeks. I have 200 points in keepers journal, or more I will not get due to quests. I have contacted support numerous times to be told, "slow roll out", never thought Tuesday was a roll out, the hay thing, fishing, farmers thing, guinea pig I did not get. I posted in forums for replies as to who has not gotten quest, no reply. Thank you for considering to help me, here is my ID 36051206657
    Enjoy your day, Rosanne

    October 11
  • llbaker16

    Scrolling problem -- I checked out Hot Topic articles as you suggested (clicked on the link in your post) to see the latest on this problem and I didn't see any relevant articles. I am disgusted that this problem hasn't even made the Hot Topic list. This has gone on far too long, and is far too significant an impediment to game play, that I cannot believe Zynga isn't more interested in fixing. This has been longer than a month, with zero improvement. Because of the random, rapid scrolling to get us to the bottom of the page to see the ads, I am losing resources constantly -- including farm bucks. And shame on me, I'm still paying $20/month for a game I can barely play. This is my last week unless I see a "will be fixed by" date or a work around that works. This has gone far beyond annoying.

    October 10
  • 36089461430

    i have a second Workshop on my Farm, please delete it.
    My Use-ID is: 36089461430

    best regards

    October 7
  • tiggerbyrd2000

    I'm currently having an issue with Zynga.com I accidentally entered my email wrong and cant remember the password, so when I click forgot password, it wants to send an email to the incorrect email, which doesn't exist. When I try to login with the proper email address and password, it has started me back at square one. I can play the game on Facebook has everything at my proper level. How can I fix this?

    October 1
  • peace

    how do I go about discussing some issues with people and their comments?

    September 25
  • luvie3000

    hi, can you help e link my accounts?

    September 23
  • Karmon

    Hi, I wonder if you can please help me get my game back or point me in the correct direction. I am in New Zealand, have already tried to call zynga support from here but to no avail. I followed the steps like it told me to, to contact to my fv2 thru zynga/facebook, and it has totally wiped my game and put me back to level 1, when i was a level 95. I have spent a large amount of money on this game via farmbucks and would like my game back. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!! I am about to cry

    September 23
    • Karmon
      I have jut checked and had a friend log into her fv2 and i am still level 95 and my farm looks like my farm, but when I log in, it says level 1
  • Bentley02

    I have a duplicate Crafting Workshop on my farm. My UID is 36088242144.

    September 21
  • tiinaemilia81


    I have two crafting kilns, the second on is in my inventory. I'm supposed to have only one, right? The game keeps suggesting that I should place it. Could you please have the extra kiln removed? Thank you.

    My game ID: 72869317990

    September 21
  • kim1

    i just level up and my farm didnt grow up like it should have please look into it for me

    September 12
  • meichers

    I lost my birthday cake help me get it back

    September 7