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    August 8
  • Mara1022

    Sorry I took so long to reply to you. I don't come on the forum as often as I used to.

    To do the tree grove watering, put 10 of your groves in a row and then take one tree out of each and put it in front of the grove. Then you need a friend to visit your farm and water just the trees outside the groves. After they leave your farm you should see them there. Put each of those trees back into their grove BEFORE you click on your friend to water them. When you click on your friend to do their watering, they will be watering the entire grove of trees (not just one). So you get 10 groves watered by one friend visit.

    I do my husband's all the time. I used to have a friend that we would visit each other's farm. If the trees were lined up we knew to water them.

    I hope this is clear. The most important thing is to remember to put the trees back into their groves before you activate the friend/neighbor does their thing. I can do the neighbor visit if you want. Let me know. ;)

    July 16