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Achradina · Super Moderator · Administrator


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  • Deidre

    I'm getting the "embedded page at fb1.farm2.zynga.com - Whoops-a-Daisy!" error. Can you please help to fix the error. My Zynga code is 20047967095

    October 20
  • k6thm

    i paid for keys in farmville 2 country escape, i bought what i believe is 9.99 for keys i never got HELP please

    October 10
    • Achradina
      Can you please send me a private message. Provide your player ID. Thanks
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    Thanks for sticking with us for 5 years.
    October 10
  • erniedevoss

    Regarding the issue of posts not showing and envelope. I have done the following:
    Cleared my Cache
    tried Google chrome, Firefox and Edge -same problem
    unistalled chrome and reinstalled
    uninstalled Farmville 2 and resinstalled
    There is no checkbox for allow Farmville to post on my behalf.
    It says the issue was resolved on 10/6/2017 - however i am still not able to post.
    When I post there is a small box on the right side that says message sent- it is not on my timeline, in my activity log, or post activity.
    Is there a way to resolve this.

    October 10
  • Rosanne Mantello

    In my most recent emails from last week, I have not gotten the hay quest or quest before, it was stated slow roll out, but I never get them, very unfair especially doing the harvest which has points for the buildable and animals etc. Again today NOTHING, would it not be fairer to rotate at least and not penalize the same players? Thank you for all you do, Rosanne

    September 26
  • Patty 2

    Hi Achradina When playing Farmville 2 it says i have 266 friends. I do in fact only have 183 on facebook. How can I get my friends list on farmville 2 updated. Thank you.

    September 17
  • guenon

    Hi Achradina, I heard you are really good at sorting issues! Basically, I haven't received any quests at all for over a month. I am level 103 and play through Zynga games, but I tried fb and they didn't appear there either. This is very frustrating as I see all my Zynga friends requesting stuff for quests and I know I am missing out. Thanks in advance :)

    September 6
    • Achradina
      Send me a private message of your details please.
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    September 6
  • Olhippy

    This concerns missing items in 2 separate land expansions. 1) in Old Furnace Expansion, I completed crafting the 35 raspberry cheesecakes. I have 3 of 35 listed. I have 31 in my inventory. 2) in Wild Horse Gulch, I completed crafting the 35 old Fashioned Shortcakes. I have 2 of 35 listed and 68 in my inventory. I have a pic of the shortcakes completed. I just couldn't figure out how to attach it.

    August 23