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  • So after playing FV2 since it's launch and being in the same co-op since they launched it I chose to leave it because no one was participating any lo…
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  • friends for playing game and help others freunde für das spiel zum helfen
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  • 2 members currently , 1 on lvl 284 , 1 on lvl 270 . always get our 100 favs goal , looking for like-minded players to achieve co-op 200 favs goal
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  • Private chat for Pops Coop members.
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  • Groupe pour le jeu
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  • I have been playing this game on firefox for a long time. Today my game only loads about 60% I have tried to connect several different times and it d…
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  • Co-Ops are great fun if you have active users. Please post if you are interested in an active co-op or need active members.
    6 discussions 46 members Most recent discussion: Need active co-op members! by Armymom August 5
  • open it up and there are three empty containers, but when I pick a recipe, it says I have to pay to complete one early
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  • I have not been able to harvest from my %#?*# wallow. And I have challenges that require this! Before I totally give up, does anyone have an answer?
    1 discussion 7 members Most recent discussion: mud wallow by ruthxc March 6