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I've been playing FV2 on my kindle, but I recently fired up my lap top. When I went to play through facebook, I was back at the beginning. Is there any way to transfer my progress from my kindle game to the facebook game? Or am I stuck playing it on my kindle?


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    If playing on phone or maybe tablet are you sure not playing Country escape
    FarmVille 2 regular game is for PCs or laptops not really for a tablet so be sure which FarmVille 2 are playing as are different games

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    Not sure if you're referring to the original FV2 - you could possibly play that on the Kindle with a bit of work up front for the Flash side, but I started on facebook and synced to the Zynga side some time back, so not sure if you can do it the other way round?

    If Country Escape, I won't dwell on that too much as this is the original FV2 forum, but have you installed the PC version of it and opened the game in that, hence will it give you your Kindle game? Rather than going through the FB app.

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    You can't sync Zynga to FB or such. If you started your FV2 Regular game on FB to start then you can sync to Zynga

    But you talking on Kindle not sure what game you are playing as you said when you went to FB your game was at beginning so maybe you have not started Regular FV 2 and have been Playing Country Escape on your Kindle and just thought were same games but they are not

    So if you think are playing Country Escape stay playing that on your Kindle and you may have to Start Regular FV 2 on FB on your Lap top from where you are.

    A lot of people come here thinking they are playing FV 2 when they are actually playing Country Escape Version too so as said 2 different games

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