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Problem # 1

Your Sweetheart Can Help on The Farm
I have gotten to where he does the Chicken Coop two times, and he will not register the repeated times it has been done. “Harvest the Hen House 2 times for more eggs!” He will go no further.

Problem #2

Chicken Chicanery
I have had 3 prized Chickens.
Over & Over Again.
But it will not register either.

Can someone Please Fix These!

Thank You!

Joyce Manjares

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    First we are not support here but Players only forum

    You will have to take issues to support

    But I assume you are starting out with the game and are stuck in general areas

    I hope know too the Chicken Coop and Hen house are 2 different buildings and perhaps if doing training for spouse might have to get support to get you passed this if none of the children are trained etc if you are on that.

    Problem 2 even with having prized chickens on your farm it wants you to raise and prize new ones so may have to do that or as said contact support below and maybe they will push you through. Fill out form below and give your GAME ID numbers that are above there. Don't post here your game information and such. We players here can only guide you but if need deeper bookmark the link below

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