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anyone having issues with your farm bucks (purchased or "won") being "stolen"? i was told they can't replace them yet, i've read in here that there has been farm bucks replaced. do we need to get a class action going or is this just going to keep happening unchecked. it's obviously an issue and they are doing nothing to fix it as it seems to have been happening for YEARS!


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    Threats of class action won't help

    Farm bucks could be YOU accidentally spending as well too when not watching with pop ups or your cursor

    Yes we have said to contact support directly and talk to them via the form below. They have responded before with missing farm bucks and refunded but maybe they are not doing that anymore.

    This won't be fixed. Yes it has happened with other games as well too with another game where we had an item similar to the Farmbucks here that disppeared or we accidentally used and more things and have asked for an are you sure but all this talk will not change things.

    Just going to have to watch your pace of play and go easy going through game. Watch with pop ups and more and where your cursor is with items and more too that you don't bump it and think you are getting something for coins and get it for FB's instead.

    it happens

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    Adding to what gameplayer said ... FarmVille bucks don't just "disappear" or get "stolen". Be careful where you are clicking and how fast you click on things. Accidentally buying something with FV bucks - I've done it and it's easy to do.

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