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I use to use the Gift Generator to fulfill quests (was the only way to complete missions) but it was taken down.. The "Farmers that BE" said no worries .. use your POST and they will get filled.. Over the last 2 wks NONE of my POST requests have been answered.. it just STOPPED. I have been losing out on bonuses and such.. How DO we continue with out the added help.. I know its not me cause I was doing great with 500 friends, all my request filled faster then I can POST or request them.. Am I missing something?? Why did it all of a sudden after many months stop???..

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    Buddy was a Chrome App, it may have become defunct after the release of X-press. X-press incorporates it's own built in Buddy, Top Rail, It seems to be having issues.

    To sync your Facebook farm to play on Zynga, and make use of the legitimate Live feed, go to:


    Click on the CONNECT To FACEBOOK option.

    ADD ME. Zfriends welcome, not adding any new neighbours.

    SUPPORT If your in game "contact us" button is missing, use this.


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