Merryville Question

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hi, I have finished the merryville tasks, and can go to the merryville farm whenever i like, I can harvest/plant/ feed animals etc, but my question is i have a level 5 water tower and windmill, so surely i should get more than 30 water/power each time i harvest them? , if i remember correctly level 5,s were 100 each. am i correct?. thanks in advance for any info. Have a nice chrissy anyway:-) Cheers Mike

P:S the harvestable christmas tree on the merry farm isnt much use (at least not at the moment) since all i have got from it up to now is coins lol , a gift of 50,000 coins a day is of no use to me at all, the last thing i need is coins and i seriously doubt that anyone who completes the merryville would need them either.


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