What advantage is there for finishing co-op orders early?

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Just wondering. I have my farm ready when i visit the Fair and then sow and reap again during Double time.


  • KJusticeKJustice Posts: 1,814Registered User, Facebook Connect User The Chosen One

    Your crops you planted will be ready to harvest sooner.

  • skaleewagskaleewag Posts: 70Registered User, Facebook Connect User Black Sheep of ze Internet

    I'll answer the question even though nothing else seems related: Helping your co-op finish their goal. You will have a chance to see if they need extra help to finish and time to put in extra orders.

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    There is no advantage to finishing your coop orders super early, in fact there is a disadvantage. If you finish your coop orders goal before you have received the two NEW set of shared goals and been able to complete 10 of them for the max 50 favors then you are cheating yourselves out of those favors.

    When a new coop challenge stats, Friday morning for Eastern US for example, the existing set of shared orders don't expire for another day and a half or so but they don't count towards the new goal. You need to wait for that set to refresh, complete 6 of the new ones if possible for 30 favors, wait for the next set to arrive and complete at 4 of them for the remaining 20 favors with at least 8 empty spots left in your goal meter on the left ((12 if you need all 6 orders in second round) as the shared orders count double, in order to get the full benefits of the shared order favors.

    Finishing before this time, is just wasting resources and losing out on favors for your whole coop.

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    @iguanamiaman: thanks for the excellent info; that i didn't know
    My coop doesn't have shared orders and we often struggle to meet the weekly goal so it doesn't apply to me but still very helpful to know.

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