why don't i get lucky chests?

Diana TaylorDiana Taylor Black Sheep of ze InternetPosts: 145Registered User Saint Spontaneous

the chests always say in progress and then go away

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  • peacepeace Posts: 576Registered User, Facebook Connect User Goldsmith

    @Kathleen McNamara Davis said:
    I don't think they have ever worked!!! No one has every completed one of the chests I "sent" and I have never received a chest for anyone.

    Same here. at first I thought I was just unlucky and they always sent to people not actively playing but I saw that was not true because some did go to active members yet I never received my tickets...I have emailed support and they have given me the tickets...I honestly think they do not work for everyone... I like the animals I get for prizes so if I come in top 3 and per usual nothing happens I send to support....

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