When is the best time to leave a co-op?

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I am in a co-op that used to be great always made goal and was very helpful, the owner has left and those that are still playing can't remove the inactive players. I am looking for a new co-op but know that there is a time to leave the present one and join a new one.


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    Best time would be today, Thursday, as the coop resets on Friday, so you will be able to play with your new coop from tomorrow. I have a couple of Vacancies in mine if you are interested.
    The coop is open, so you if you leave your current one, by clicking LEAVE in the Member tab, you just need to do a search, and join. In the search, type PIXEL, it brings the co-op up first, there are a lot of co-ops called Pops...

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  • Bentley02Bentley02 Forum Traveller Posts: 70Registered User Black Sheep of ze Internet
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