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Hi g,uys i only play FV on the zynga website however am finding it hard to get certain items to level up or help family. eg need energy bars as in food so wife can do plant care
chainsaws to buy land and cultivators to move rock out of water any ideas as don't want to add Facebook and spam all my friends cheers Gareth


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    The Facebook thing isnt an option for you anyway, you can only sync a FB game to Zynga, not the reverse. ;)

    There is a thread on these forums where people post for old quest items,

    You will have to ask someone on there to give you clear instructions as to how to obtain the link from your profile, as the instructions posted every month on the temp feed thread, hasn't worked for a very long time...

    THe Temp feed thread is worth checking out, do a search on it to see if any of the items you need has been posted already.

    Again, you can also post the links from your own profile for the items you need, once you learn how to do it.

    Also, the more Zfriends you have, the easier it is to get stuff, if you have some zfriendz around your level try visiting their profile, click on any items they have posted for, they will be having the same problems as you, If you are in a coop, ask if they could maybe go click some stuff in your profile if they have any spare clicks.

    ADD ME. Zfriends welcome, not adding any new neighbours.

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