My bee hives don't actually fertilize?

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I feed it honey, I click to use, I select area for use. Then nothing.....and it says cannot use again for 17 hours, as if it has been used. I have had one or two hives inbetween that have worked, but pretty much over last week or so, it does the actions as if going to work, then no bees come out to play and fertilize. help please.


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    When you use your Bee hives you harvest for honey if ready. Then you go to the field you want to fertilize if you have fields.

    If you have single plots not sure how work on those if only one or such then works same way

    You go to the hive and gather the bees if ready and then go to plot or field it should have like a fist or something over the plot/field and highlight and you just click. If don't see fertilized refresh page

    Once you click on to use then have to wait for the 18 hours time to gather the bees again.

    But if what is happening is what happens with me I still gather the bees and take them to a field of my choice as I have fields and no single plots then it is fertilized even if don't see it as said may have to refresh page or leave and come back later and will be fertilized

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    I don't try to use the bees until I see them swarming the hive. To make them come out, it helps if you zoom in on the hives.

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