Trouble planting fields help needed please

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Is this because of the flash issue? If I download the flash extension will this take care of only being able to plant one field at a time before having to go back to the market again. It is a real pain having to do this 45 times. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    I wish could show what they are meaning. I have issue when I go to plant a crop on a field sometimes when I do it only lets me plant one and then goes to the store area and it is blank no list of crops or the page where that crop was.

    I am not sure if it is maybe because of multitasking on the game and you click or move to an area away from the field perhaps

    But I just close that window and hit on next field and can plant.

    I think too if you hit plant the crop button in a task perhaps does the same thing but think that is designed to only allow you to plant on one field and not all the way through them.

    Most times if you click on the crop in the store you want it will stay and you can plant on all the fields but if move away or something else there even if by accident and try to plant on another field or double click on field or something in there the window of the store will be blank and have to close out and go to store and find crop again

    I am sure not explaining this right or such but think one time someone posted an image of this but can never remember threads on subjects that have been asked before as well.

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