Attention new coop( Malane) help help

malanemalane Posts: 105Registered User, Facebook Connect User Cloudylicious

LOOKING FOR ACTIVE MEMEBERS please and thank you. I just need two more to jion please and thank u. Only rule is you must be an active player. will visit your farm everyday. give any request you have to finish orders.
I am a huge believer in string team work. I will give tips also to make game play more enjoyble. Done 35 orders this week by myself we will make our goals and pass up other coops. less than two hrs for new week to start please help !!!! type in (malane) in search engine picture symbol is of farm. Mom and i quit others bc not many active members plus we always wanted to play together in a coop shes 81 gettting weaker i don't know how many yrs she has left and I Really want us to enjoy doing this coop together. Just please i need two active players please go look for
Coop Malane


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